Neonatal Jaundice

As Laaija was discharged and came home, the very next day her skin showed yellow coloration and was immediately admitted to a Child’s Clinic where she was treated for Neonatal Jaundice. Her Bilirubin count was about 14 and she had to be in the Incubator for about 5 days before she can return home.

Even during such an uncertain melee, much to the delight of the elderly grand-mothers and grand-fathers, Laaija was taken home for about 2 hours for her “Swasti Puja” which falls on the 5th day of a child’s birth according to the Manipuri tradition. She was immediately taken back to the Incubator after the “no-one-undertood-sanskrit-sloka” and mantras that happened at the behest of her health.

She was finally discharged OK and returned home to cry more, drink more, sleep more. She continue to laugh and sleep, sleep and laugh. It is fun to watch her.

Neonatal Jaundice
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Neonatal Jaundice