When should I start selling Stickers

When should I start selling Stickers

The recent cut on Laaija’s toy quota have sent her over the edge and every opportunity she gets is on how to get more money sanctioned for her toys. She have devised quite a few ideas and some of them are pretty interesting.

Yesterday, we were out on a stroll, taking her to a different play-park which are a bit far from home. On the way, we ended up talking about — money and her toys. She suggested she can start selling stuffs because that’s how people get money — you sell stuffs and people give you money to buy them.

Laaija: I think I can start selling stickers and posters to my friends in school and even to other kids on the street and the park.

Me: Sure, sounds like a great plan.

Laaija: But I’m just 5 and I have to know the local language to sell. I think I’ll start selling when I’m 10.

Me: You can actually start selling at School, where you do not need to know the local language.

Laaija: Ok. Let me do more thinking on how I can start selling stickers.

Me: Good Plan.

And today, she re-decorated her room, re-arrange quite a lot of toys and made modifications to few of them, thanks to cello-tapes. She even drew a bunch of “tickets” on the yellow sticky-notes.

Just before lunch, she announced that she is doing a dolphin-show, which happened to be one of her toys. We were supposed to buy the “tickets” and watch her play the dolphins. We did bought her “tickets” which cost Rs. 5 each and her 5-minute “dolphin show” earned her Rs. 15.

When should I start selling Stickers
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When should I start selling Stickers