Emotional Atyachar

Our naughty toddler is growing up fast and is learning all the emotions of an Individual. Yesterday, her nanny went home early and she went all emotional. She wailed, threw toys, hit us for all reasons of her own. I had seen other kid where they threw temper tantrums and acts of aggression that I wished my child should not do.

Well, I realized its impossible to control kid’s behavior every moment of every day. At 16 months, a toddler still acts on nearly every impulse, and it’s going to take years of guidance before she has enough self-control to behave appropriately in every situation.

Here is what Babycenter has to say about Toddlers and I’ve a feeling, it’s very true — “Toddlers live large — they love large, they play all out, and they have big, passionate feelings. When they need to have an emotional blow-out, they may signal it by doing something they know you will stop, like pulling another child’s hair, or by using a small pretext, like a broken cookie, as a “last straw” so that they can fall apart.”

Emotional Atyachar
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Emotional Atyachar