Laaija April-Fooled Us

Laaija had her first April fool prank on us, unintentionally, but in a very polished way. Around 12:30am-ish today, Laaija seem to have twisted her elbow and she cried to the intent of waking everyone in the neighborhood. The assumption from her cries and the pain she had when we move her arm, let us to believe that something did happened.

I sprang into action, so did Shanta and we were off in the middle of the night, with the intention to rush to the Casualty at Ruby Hall Clinic (perhaps the nearest one from us). I was sure, it’s not broken but she might have twisted her elbow and a doctor’s attention would do good.

However, when we reached downstairs, she had somehow stopped crying; instead, she wanted to play with the dogs around. She even started doing the “boooo-boooo” and began running around. I double-checked and tried various movement combinations of her arms. She was perfectly OK and was giggling all along. To make sure that things are OK, I let her run around, wave hands, do “bye-bye”. She turned out to be just fine. No more crying but she wanted to play more. Well,for the last couple of days, she had been waking up and playing (swings, running) at mid-night.

So, nothing happened and unintentionally Laaija had her April fool prank on us. We ended up watching her favorite Baby Einstein video again before she finally slept.

Laaija April-Fooled Us
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Laaija April-Fooled Us