I’ve a date; in Roblox

I’ve a date; in Roblox

I sneaked out a bit early to have my sip of the local tea by the road-side and stood by the School Bus stop waiting for Laaija. She comes back and, as usual, we started our after-school-talk.

Laaija: “I’m good friends with this boy as we have lots in common — play the same type of games, knows lots about similar stuffs, etc. etc. etc.”

Laaija: “I’m meeting him today after sometime.”

Me: “Huh! Do you want me to drop you. Where is it? Is it at the McDonalds?” She usually meets her friends at the neighborhood McDonalds.

Laaija: “Nope! We are meeting in Roblox. He will be hanging out in the VIP Lounge near the Pool.”

Me: “Ah! you mean you in your game?”

Laaija: “Yeah! What did you expect?”

And that was that.

I’ve a date; in Roblox
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I’ve a date; in Roblox