Oinam in 2020

Oinam in 2020

It started as just another normal year, with a tint of worry about the new of the emergence of COVID-19. Like everyone else, we heard and read of the new scary virus. By the end of January, Laaija had already decided to wear mask regularly to school. Her school told her not to but I guess, she was right at the end. By April, 2020 mask has become a normal part of dressing up.

Laaija in a Mask)

Laaija and her classmates built an Eat-o-Meter, an app that supposedly scan food items, and displays the calorie, and other contents of the particular food item.

Laaija and her friends at Ekya School built an Eat-o-Meter App.) Laaija and her friends at Ekya School built an Eat-o-Meter App.

Amara had a tiny accident and had a hariline fracture in her collarbone. This is the second time, and so we took extra care. She is fine, and will heal pretty fast and well.

Amara had a hairline fracture)

I visited Pune and the first place where Nanocast, Inc started its office in Pune. This is the place where my life of Startups started at Koregaon Park, Pune.

Nanocast Office in Koregaon Park, Pune, 2006) Erstwhile Nanocast Office, Koregaon Park, Pune.

I spoke at few conferences, and gatherings with Indian and Japanese delegates. I’m trying to focus on the relationship between Climate Change and Agriculture, helping farmers farm better, in a sustainable way, and still be able to earn better to live fulfilled lives.

After a long time, I re-visited Rajasthan, this time for work. I visited my home-town, Manipur, too and met up with old friends.

In the midst of the Pandemic, I ended up reading about 100 books.

2020 was a masked year.

Oinam in 2020
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Oinam in 2020