Oinam in 2019

Oinam in 2019

Amara started 2019 with her hair fully-grown and intact. She wants to make-up, tries the lipstick, and believes she can be like her elder sister, and mom. Based on our tradition, she needed to shave off her birth-hair at-least once.

As with the Manipuri tradition, in May, 2019, Amara got her head shaved and her ears pierced.

Binny Oinam

February started with an awful event. A family-friend, school-friend, and a life-long best-friend met with a car accident. On Feb 3, 2019, Binny Oinam, his wife, and their daughter met with a fatal accident in Assam, India.

We will forever miss them.

In his death, he gave us one of the best gift of all times. He united the school friends of our times — from the late 80s and the early 90s. We are now connected and are in regular communication.


Oinam's Family Friends from the Community

Our family has made lots of family friends with some lovely people in our community. Good people, friends, and a supportive community is the reason that makes life fun to live in a like-minded community.

Laaija learning Photography)

Laaija is still learning photography but seems to be a tad bored. Will let her figure out her own passion and help out where she needs direction.

Out of all the time to go on a family vacation, we went to Goa during the 2019 Indian Monsoon Flood. We had one hell of an experience and lived to tell our stories.

Oinam in 2019
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Oinam in 2019