Oinam in 2022

Oinam in 2022

This year was lackluster. The world is slowly coming out of the COVID lockdowns and confinements. We ventured out into public places for the first time since 2020, and the kids were happy to breathe fresh air.

Apple Airport Extreme and Express

Unfortunately, our home’s faithful Apple Airport Extreme died after ten years of service. It did its job well and will be remembered as one of the best consumer Wi-Fi Routers. I caved in and bought the notorious Apple polishing cloth for my nostalgia museum.

Amara Paints

Amara was browsing through Laaija’s photos of her younger years. She wanted to recreate some of the events, so we went picnic at odd places, painting and drawing at random locations.

People in the Pool

Amara and Laaija in the Pool

Amara and Laaija in the Pool

Pools have become operational after two years of lockdown, and the kids were happy with the change.

Amara visits her School

Amara wrote cards for her friends

After starting her school life online, Amara finally got to meet her teacher and visit her school. She even sent out a handwritten personal card to all her school friends whom she had never met in person and who had studied together online.

Oinam in Manipur with Families

Amara, Laaija, and Shanta did their routine Manipur visit. They are happy to meet their cousins, family, and relatives.

Amara loves Ducks

Amara still loves to play and be around the ducks and the chicken. Of course, she is happy to be in everything everywhere all at once.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

I have decided to re-read the Lord of the Rings.

Oinam in 2022
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Oinam in 2022